is a short comedy about Peter, a man who secretly befriends a talking hamster named Marvin. While trying to keep his secret safe, and his relationship intact, Peter must thwart his neighbor’s advances on his territory....





Brooke Aldrich

Brooke Aldrich

Rudy and Lindsay Bellani, Les and Barbara Brooks, Sam Dubinsky, Deirdre O’keefe, Kent and Tracy Parker, Rich and Cathy Poliak, Tristan Schafer, James and Rebecca Seamon,  Joan and Hal Seamon, Jim Vail.


TOM LAROCHELLE (Peter) This is a breakthrough starring role for actor/comedian Tom Larochelle.   He went to school for Journalism and did one Shakespearean play in which he had 3 lines! If you’d like to know more about Tom, you can follow him at: @tomlarochelle

CANDACE JANÉE (Jennie)  Since graduating from the Academy of Dramatic Arts, Candace has been working as an actress in indie films and commercials. She can most recently be seen in spot for PC Richard and Son and the indie film Hellequin. View her recent work at

SETH MICHAEL MAY (Marvin) A New York Native, after High School Seth went straight into Herbert Berghof's master class. Mentored by Alan Arkin, Seth’s spontaneous style and sharp improv skills  bring to life the voice of Marvin.  Seth is a popular acting coach and you can find more information at his website:

ANTHONY ACCARDI (Gustav) Anthony may not have a bio yet, but he makes up for it with his steely gaze.

Brooke Aldrich moved to New York after high school, when she was 17, to pursue acting and filmmaking.

She learned how to make films at The New York Film Academy’s Directing program, and went on to study acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

After spending a few years producing and directing independent projects, she directed her “official” first short film, Marvin, which was successfully funded through Kickstarter.

Having written the first draft of the script in film school, she is feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity to bring this talented cast and crew together to create this film!



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Thank you to all of our Kickstarter supporters!

Now that we are deep in the trenches of post-production, we would like to take a moment and thank everyone who put themselves out there for us, and donated to our Kickstarter campaign. We never could have expected the amount of support we’ve been given for this film, and we still feel that support as we sit in the editing room.

Our shoot went very well! We ended up filming with a live hamster, instead of animating, which worked a lot better than it might sound...And our determined cast and crew gave it their all, even during a giant New York City blizzard!

We thank you for your support, keeping us well-fed and helping us obtain a great quality of production. lWe look forward to sharing the film with all of you!

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Look For Marvin
January 2014